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Ability descriptions

Posted by Wild Bill on 06-25-2007
I've populated the database with descriptions of each ability. Now each Pokdex page explains what the Pokmon's ability does, so you're not left in the dark on that anymore. Huzzah!

Tons of New Additions

Posted by Dani on 06-20-2007
We're on a roll, guys! I urge you all to check out our new home page features.

These include:

- Highly improved Pokdex
- Pokmon comparisons
- List of types and moves (lots of detail)
- Guides for Pokmon natures and EV training
- Full integration with forums, you can now log in and view messages from the home page.

And there's MUCH more to come!

Evolutionary chains!

Posted by Wild Bill on 06-11-2007
We've finally added evolutionary chains to the Pokedex (they're not quite as simple as one might imagine!).  With the addition of this critical piece of information, the Pokedex is now immensely easier to browse.  And to further develop things, we've added a search field to the menu, too, so you can jump to any Pokemon no matter where you are on the site.  There's more to come, so stay tuned!

Lots of new information

Posted by Matt on 05-26-2007
Each Pokmon in the Pokdex now has a TM/HM list. We have also added a move list and a type chart!

The Pokedex is here

Posted by Matt on 05-21-2007
We now have a Pokedex available. It contains all 493 Pokemon, with images, basic statistical information, weaknesses, resistances, immunities, moves, and so forth. We'll be continuing to improve the design of the Pokedex and adding more information in the near future, but it's perfectly usable now.

This may not be groundbreaking, but it will form the foundation of many exciting features that are currently in development. Stick around!

Go to our Pokedex!


Posted by Wild Bill on 05-12-2007
If you're seeing this, here's proof that we're working on getting the site up and running! Obviously there's barely anything here at this point, but it's a start!